Support Ministries

Baptismal Committee
Baptism is an important step in the process of salvation. JBC's baptismal committee helps prepare individuals for baptism by providing candidates with spiritual guidance and words of encouragement.

Capital Campaign
This group is lead by the Senior Saints who conduct efforts to secure substantial funds to finance the JBC Multiplex Center and other specific major JBC projects.

Clean Sweepers
This ministry helps to keep the church clean and in good repair, ensuring the beautification of God's Temple.

The Jonesville Greeters are here to welcome visitors, make them feel at home, and ensure their needs and concerns are met. This ministry assists our members and visitors and provide special gifts for our first time visitors.

Health Professionals
This ministry strives to enhance wellness and prevention of illness by providing the support of health professionals, health education, personal health counseling, spiritual support, and screenings.

Parking & Security
The Parking and Security attendants assist members and visitors with locating parking while providing a constant patrol of the premises during services to help deter criminal activity.

Sunshine & Cheer
This cheerful group helps meet the needs of members affected by death, sickness, or illness.

Any members or visitors who is having trouble getting to our services due to transportation issues, may call the church at (912)-351-0423 for assistance.

As members and guests enter the Sanctuary, the ushers guide and direct individuals to comfortable seating. These doorkeepers in the house of God maintain an atmosphere that is conducive to worship by eliminating distractions that may hinder the enjoyment of church services.