Music Ministries

Cathedral Choir
The Jonesville Cathedral Choir leads the congregation in heartfelt and passionate worship through the art of singing with the goal of honoring God using their musical talents with the spirit of unity. This choir also hosts a Choir Workshop annually.

Musician Guild
This group consists of anointed, multi-talented musicians who serve the Lord by playing various instruments.

Praise Team
These individuals help create and set an atmosphere of praise and worship through song.

Senior Saints Mass Choir
The Senior Saints Choir is a group of 50+ year old senior adults that sing traditional songs that lead the church into the realm of worship.

Sunday Night Congregational Choir
The Sunday Night Choir sings songs written and composed by their director and minister these songs of praise and worship on Sunday nights.

Teen Choir
This talented and anointed group of young people sing songs of Zion during teen services and in regular services.

Teen Praise Team
These young people sing songs to the glory of God to usher in the presence of the Lord in our youth services.