Christian Life Ministries

Christian Life Ministries focus on equipping, growing, and developing personal and spiritual qualities that will manifest themselves in your everyday life.

Christian Education
The Christian Education ministry equips believers of all ages for daily living and the work of Christ through biblical based instruction. Classes are held Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m.

The purpose of the evangelism ministry is to encourage and minister to the needs of individuals by sharing the Good News of God’s word which serves as a transforming power that changes lives forever.

Intercessory Prayer
This ministry encourages believers to pray effectively by uniting in corporate prayer; for prayer is an essential tool for every believer’s spiritual growth.

Marriage Ministry
The marriage ministry provides education and recreational activities for married couples as avenues to enrich and enhance their Christ-centered relationship.

Men of Valor
This group of men meets on a regular basis for prayer, athletic activities, and fellowship designed to show the significance of fearless men who love Jesus.

Senior Saints
The Senior Saints are a very active and energetic group of senior adults who encourage, impact, and provide activities, teachings, and fellowship stimulating a life-long relationship with Christ.

Single's Ministry
The Power of One Single's Ministry is a group of men and women who desire to connect and grow in their faith with God. This group is dedicated to building relationships with other like-minded men and women while focusing on Jesus Christ.

Women of Destiny
The Women of Destiny encourage, support, and minister to women of faith using various Christian based activities.