2020 Virtual Marriage & Singles Retreat

Golden nuggets and valuable tools you can use to improve, sustain, and stimulate your relationship, whether you are single or married.

October 16, 2020

We look forward to attending our annual Marriage and Singles Retreat in relaxing destination locations, however, we've had to adjust due to the current pandemic. Yet, this did not stop us from fellowshipping and sharing invaluable tools and techniques of sustaining a successful relationship with ourselves and our spouses. 

Marriage is a lifelong journey of growing together as one. Successful couples who commit to learning skills to improve and stimulate their relationship can overcome difficult seasons and challenges. Similarly, for singles, it is easy to become unsatified in your loneliness, but God has much more in store for you. Turn your discontent into happiness and live a full life whether you remain single or are preparing for marriage. 

View these clips from our powerful and motivating weekend together with our speakers Bishop James G. and Dr. Phyllis Rodges and Pastor Beverly Frazier. 

Friday Sessions

Singles' Session

Couples' Session

Saturday Session

Singles' Session - Day 2

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